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About Popadoms Newport

Popadoms is a restaurant that has a legendary status when it comes to Indian food. We are known for our amazing flavours that come in various styles of dishes. We are a restaurant that is iconic in our city as we provide customers with an unending selection of dishes. We always have some new items on our menu and you can expect to always find something new and exciting being offered. Our restaurant is also famous for its top-tier quality. Our services and dishes are refined by the extensive time that we have been in the market. We have spent our resources and time in ensuring that every aspect of our services is excellent. When it comes to our interactions with our customers, we believe in keeping everyone close to us. We welcome all kinds of feedback from customers as we know that learning opportunities are always available. Our commitment to our customers has earned us a place in the hearts of many. At Popadoms, you will find joy and satisfaction in everything. The atmosphere, the dishes, and the service are all fantastic. 

Popadoms Newport Restaurant

Experience an all-around top-notch experience at our restaurant whenever you are in the area. We provide you with the best services so that you do not have to travel around the world looking for quality moments. Our Indian takeaway is the best in town and our services are unmatched. Find us at 11 High Street, Newport, NP20 1FQ. From this area, we welcome all food lovers for quality times. We have restaurant apps on the App Store and Google Play. Download them to connect with us. A reliable and fast food delivery service is also offered to our customers. Place an order today and enjoy quality services from the best restaurant in town.

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